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Gift for you copy 2

Get a free car: Mini Cabrio NOW! When you purchase an apartment in Costa del Sol*! GET a free car if you purchase an apartment in Costa del Sol. The offer is valid for a few days, do not miss out…

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5 tips to decorate your house


What we use to decorate our home will determine how we feel in it; the room’s colours, the lighting or the different materials. The design of a home will show our personality. We always hear how the way we are dressed says…

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GOLF- How to get started?


GOLF. WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Golf consists of introducing a small ball into some of the holes distributed throughout the playing field. To achieve this goal, the golfer has a club whose characteristics can vary greatly, in order to hit…

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Carnival of Cadiz.

Cadiz Carnival, what is it about? Carnival is a very popular festivity around the world. For example,when you think about Brazil, you can imagine the women wearing that beautiful and heavy costumes while they dance at the rhythm of Samba…

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