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Brexit ? What Brexit ?


Brexit Shouldn’t Matter If You Want to Buy Property In Spain My conclusion is that Brexit won’t really affect you if you are buying or building a holiday home that may become a second retirement home, and you do not…

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Spanish House Prices Continue To Fall

Spanish House prices

Spanish house prices falling ?? Spanish house prices during the last few years are experiencing a drop in interest rates in Europe. Interest rates in Europe  have never been as low as those we have been seeing for the last five…

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How to create a Mediterranean garden.

The Mediterranean garden is the one that adapts to the climatology of most of Spain: winters not too cold and strong summer drought. The maintenance is easy because we use autochthonous plants, that is why prevailed before, rather than grass…

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Discover Alicante

Discover Alicante with all your senses: Its beaches, monuments and fantastic museums all form part of this city’s great appeal bathed by the Mediterranean and renowned for being a dynamic city, with a warm climate, all so wonderfully Mediterranean. Discover…

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How to buy safely

Industry estimates put the number of Brits who bought a foreign property in 2016 at 35,000- whether for retirement, investment or as a holiday home- and these numbers are steadily increasing, year by year. Yet you may be surprised at…

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Where in Spain?


Catalonia and the North East The most well-known city is Barcelona, the most famous coast the Costa Brava with resorts such as Blanes, Lloret and Tossa de Mar. It is a green, rugged and mountainous coast with sandy bays. Although…

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Like decorating Halloween pumpkins

family prepares for Halloween

If there is something you cannot  miss in your Halloween decorating, it is the pumpkins.Today we have the bagful of them.The pumpkins have become an essential object in  Halloween decoration and we can do them at home. They offer a…

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