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Alicantes Alluring Weather


Alicantes weather explained … In Alicante, a city on the southeastern coast of Spain, the climate is Mediterranean, with mild and relatively rainy winters, and hot and sunny summers. The city is located in a particularly mild area, arid and…

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Beautiful Benahavis


History Of Benahavis… The history of Benahavis starts at the end of the XIth century, when the Arabs founded the town. Closely related with the Costa del Sol’s Arabic past, and particularly with Marbella, the district which it belonged to…

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Natural remedies against mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are a difficult plague to avoid during summer. They might seem inoffensive, but their bites generate us huge inconveniences. Their presence in one of our rooms might difficult our rest.   Eucalyptus oil is an excellent natural repellent, it’s…

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