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6 reasons why Spain is the best country in the world


Surprise yourself  with the beaches, culture, food, quality of life and enjoy all the landscapes that this Country offers you. 

Let me give you a small intro into why Spain is the best country in the world…

Try all the Gastronomy that the best country in the world has to offer

Healthy, varied and tasty gastronomy from Spanish Omelettes to Iberian ham, paella, fabada, salmorejo … And this could go on, we could continue filling pages and pages about the fantastic Spanish cuisine and delicacies. The secret of Spain being a quarry of which world-renowned chefs continue to be produced, lies in the fact that we have a diverse and exquisite quality of raw material. Fruits, vegetables, meat and fish of the highest quality with the open the minds of chefs, whether in a renowned restaurants, lost in the middle of nowhere or in the kitchen of any home. Eating is a pleasure.  Doing it at a Spanish table is like savoring the sky.


The best Beaches 

In the Old Continent you will not find better beaches. Although in summer many of them are usually crowded with tourists, there are many that can be visited and enjoyed almost all year. Large and extensive beaches of white or golden sand; small hidden coves; beaches surrounded by forests and green areas; ideal for diving and snorkelling, or just a space to go with children and family… There are all varieties for all tastes. The blue flags that signify the highest quality of beaches wave to the sky on all of the Spanish coasts.  These beaches are to be enjoyed all year round, as Spain is blessed with a beautiful climate you will always be able to find a beach with something going on. Still not convinced that Spain is the best country in the world….. well keep reading.


Learn a new language

Spanish is the second most spoken language, so come and learn the passionate Spanish language that will benefit you when you travel to other countries, especially the vibrant South Americas. Learn and discover the variety of vocabulary, expressions and dialects that the Spanish language offers. 


Discover Culture

Spain has been a field of games and conquests of almost every great civilization worth its salt. Phoenicians, Romans, Carthaginians, barbarians, Arabs, etc. If we add to that the fact that the country was a great world power that followed the discovery of America, we have served as an authentic cultural, historical and monumental melting pot that is very difficult to find in any other country in the world. Palaces such as La Granja de San Ildefonso, in Segovia; cathedrals like that of Burgos or Santiago de Compostela; medieval castles such as Xàtiva; Roman ruins like those of Mérida; museums such as the Prado in Madrid or the Guggenheim in Bilbao; and excellent works such as La Alhambra or the city of Toledo. Every corner of Spain breathes history and works of art are counted by hundreds of thousands. Indulge in the incredible Fiestas that each region has and immures yourself in the traditional Iberian Culture.  You are now starting to believe that Spain is the best country in the world!!

catedral-1-900    plaza-de-españa-monumentos-mas-importantes-de-españa

Landscape diversity

Breathe nature and contemplate the variety of beautiful landscapes such as The Caldera de Taburiente National Park is located on the island of La Palma and is a World Biosphere Reserve. An area of volcanic origin that shows a steep landscape with almost 2,000 m of unevenness, its central space is occupied by the caldera of Taburiente. A area of 8 kilometers in diameter and 1,500 m deep, but also has a large amount of water resources, both underground and superficial (streams and torrents) in which a great variety of plant and animal species have been developed. Here is one of the best places to observe the stars from the observatory of Roque de los Muchachos.


 In the northeastern part of the Canary Island of Tenerife, there is an immense natural park that offers a unique vistas, a impressive wall of mountains that reach the Atlantic in steep cliffs that fall over coves and black sand beaches where you can bathe in complete freedom. This park full of green mountains, palm trees, cloud forests, deep valleys, hundreds of trails and charming villages that was declared a Biosphere Reserve. It is a spectacular exhibition of the immense forces of nature.


Macizo de Anaga, a mountain range in the northeastern part of th

Fall in love with a mountain village

The mountains is an ideal destination to enjoy as a couple or as a family. Nothing like a route between green meadows and clear streams to detoxify from the pollution of the city and recharge batteries to face the new year. In Spain, we are fortunate to have an ample variety of towns to escape for the weekend to enjoy the spectacular landscapes and take yourself back to nature at this perfect time of year.


With just a small quite into why Spain is the best country in the world, why don’t you get yourself over here and find out for your self.