June 2017

Natural remedies against mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are a difficult plague to avoid during summer. They might seem inoffensive, but their bites generate us huge inconveniences. Their presence in one of our rooms might difficult our rest.   Eucalyptus oil is an excellent natural repellent, it’s…

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Spanish Siestas

Siestas are well known in Spain, but why do they do it and where did it come from ? A siesta  is a short nap taken in the early afternoon, often after the midday meal. … The word siesta from Spanish language derives originally from…

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Some interesting facts about Spain.

Spanish Bullfighter

 Some interesting facts about Spain that you may not know… Here are a list of interesting facts about Spain that you probably didn’t know 1. Liquid Gold Spain produces 43.8% of all of the world’s Olive Oil. That’s quite a…

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Castles in Costa Blanca…

Costa Blanca has much more than just beaches… There are over 100 castles in Costa Blanca region making for a good day out, you will never be far from one, here is a list of just 5 castles you could…

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What is “Spanish cuisine?”


How well do you know the Spanish Cuisine? Did you know that the “Typical Spanish Cuisine” is actually very different in each area of Spain? with the country being over 505,ooo km² and home to over 47 million people the local food…

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Things To Do In Puerto Banus


Have you ever taken a trip to Puerto Banus?… Puerto Banus, located less than four miles west of central Marbella in the heart of the Costa del Sol, is your perfect destination for a taste of the high life. Holidays…

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