July 2016

Would you like a house next to this beach?


It is a wonderful place surrounded by pine trees with an average 20 ° C temperature throughout the year. It is an amazing bathing on the beach and relax with family , friends or even single . All day we…

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What are the benefits of aerobic exercise for golf?


Production of endorphins (hormones welfare), we do feel much better Production neurotrophins, a family of proteins that promote the survival and development of neurons. This means simply that makes this type of exercise, has increased learning capacity and increased ability…

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Benefits of beer that sure did not know


Now it’s summer, both on the beach and in the city, we drink more beer. We indicate the benefits: The beer has a vasodilator effect and helps prevent strokes, as it prevents the formation of blood clots that block the…

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Golf for everyone


In andalucia you will be able to enjoy your favourite sport, in worlwide prestigious golf courses, designed by legendary players or the best designers in the world.   It doesn’t matter wheter you are starting, amateur or profesional, you will…

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10 Things to consider before buying a new home


1. You don’t have to own your home There is a fundamental question in whether owning a home actually makes sense for your particular circumstances. Some people will tell you that paying rent is throwing money away, but there are many benefits to…

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5 Typical Spanish dishes you must try


Spain really has an extraordinary rich gastronomy, that’s why we encourage you to to make a tour through some of the best dishes you will find in our beautiful land. 1- The potato Omelette, Originally from 1817, and with it’s origin…

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